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Who'll be the first to lose in '06?

Two weeks into January, & there are four teams left that have yet to lose in 2006. How long will they continue these streaks? Who will last longest? I'll post the respective teams' schedules as long as I think their streak will go.

Carolina Hurricanes (5-0-0)
vs. St. Louis (tomorrow)
vs. Philadelphia (Tuesday)
vs. New York Islanders (Thursday)
vs. Washington (1/21)
vs. Montreal (1/23)
vs. Florida (1/25)

Colarado Avalanche (5-0-0)
vs. Philadelphia (today)

New Jersey Devils (5-0-0)
vs. Chicago (tomorrow)
vs. St. Louis (Tuesday)
vs. Nashville (Thursday)

San Jose Sharks (4-0-0)
vs. Montreal (today)
vs. Tampa Bay (Monday)

Surprisingly enough, I'm going with the former Whale, Carolina to go undefeated the longest into '06. I'm a sucker for stats like this, so this is purely for my own amusement.
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